Miranda for InStyle China!

Check out Miranda‘s magazine scans for InStyle China (December 2018 edition).


Miranda for Marie Claire!

Check out Miranda‘s photoshoot and the magazine cover for Marie Claire Australia, for the January 2019 edition.

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Six months after the birth of her second son, the mum of two has never been more content – by Alexandra Carlton

Meet Miranda Kerr 2.0 — the organic kale salad has been interspersed with hot chips and chocolate and the jet-set lifestyle replaced with a family-lead life of routine and consistency. It’s a welcome change, and one that Kerr has embraced after settling into motherhood again following the May birth of her second son, Hart, with Snapchat wunderkind Evan Spiegel. For the first time since she hit the global modelling circuit back in 2004, Kerr has been able to keep her feet firmly on the ground, a position the model turned beauty boss is relishing in. “It’s such a luxury to be able to be settled, to be in one place and have routines,” Kerr tells marie claire Australia. These days, her schedule revolves around her three babies — Hart, her son Flynn, 7, with Orlando Bloom, and her business, Kora Organics — now sold in 2500 retailers worldwide.

“I’m always busy, but I’m balanced busy,” says Kerr, who takes Hart, six months, to work with her at the Kora office, located not far from the L.A home where she and Spiegel live. “I love being a Mum, it’s the most rewarding thing.” She’s even enjoying her new-found “mum-bod”. In response to recent tabloids that scrutinized her growing pregnancy body – none of it fazed her: “It’s really important as women that we’re gentle with ourselves and don’t feel like we have to snap back into shape after a baby,” Kerr says. “It’s OK, I’ve got a mum-bod and it’s fine!” It’s not exactly a belly, but the rock-hard abs she was famous for back in her Victoria’s Secret modelling days are no longer visible. “I don’t mind. It’s all part of it. I took nine months – well, 10 months – to grow a beautiful child and it might take 10 months to feel good in a swimsuit again. Or longer. Or never!”

It’s a refreshing perspective, and Kerr has never looked more beautiful for it. Her confidence levels have changed too — something she credits her husband of 18 months for. Beyond parenthood, the couple collaborate in their respective businesses, with Kerr revealing that Spiegel gave her the courage to take Kora into global cosmetics retail giant Kora in 2017 — a move that has boosted sales by 800 per cent. “I feel really grateful for his love and support,” she says. “And I love seeing him with the boys, they’re really lucky to have him in their lives.”

Miranda at the Kora Organics event!

Check out the pictures of Miranda at the Kora Organics Pop Up Shop event, at The Grove, in Los Angeles, on November 29, 2018.


Miranda in Shanghai!

Check out the pictures of Miranda in Shanghai. She was in Shanghai to promote Kora Organics by attending the Kora Organics event, then she was there to attend the TMall 11.11 event.

Miranda’s interview for Glossy!

Miranda for the TMall 11.11 Live Show (Ad)!

Miranda at the LACMA Art + Film Gala!

Check out the pictures of Miranda at the LACMA Art + Film Gala!

Miranda’s interview + photos for Kate Waterhouse!

Check out the interview and the photoshoot with Kate Waterhouse!

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Miranda Kerr celebrating Katy Perry’s birthday!

Miranda at the InStyle Awards!

Check out the pictures of Miranda at the InStyle Awards 2018!

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