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The world stops when you step into Miranda Kerr’s Malibu home. Located just an hour north of Los Angeles, it may as well be a different planet. There are ocean views, crystals galore, and dedicated spaces for both yoga and meditation.

But the house also feels remarkably normal. Childrens’ drawings dot the fridge. The scent of home cooked salmon wafts from the kitchen. If it weren’t for the stunning Damien Hirst on the living room wall, you wouldn’t know you’re in a celebrity’s home. It’s the kind of place where one can imagine all the warm family dinners Kerr will enjoy with sons Flynn and Hart as they grow up.

We caught up with the supermodel and Kora Organics founder three months after giving birth to Hart, her first child with husband and SnapChat founder Evan Spiegel. Here’s how Kerr is adjusting to life as a “new mum.”

What time do you wake up in the mornings?

“My husband wakes up at 5:30 every morning, so, I’m usually up with him.”

Holy hell! Did you always wake up that early?

“Um… no [laughs]. But I also have the kids. Hart is sleeping until right about the same time as Evan—around 5:30 or 6 in the morning. Flynn, who is seven, sleeps until about 6:30.”

What’s the first thing you do in the morning, besides remembering the days when 5:30 was still nighttime?

“Kiss my husband, open the blinds, then I meditate while Evan is in the shower. It’s my moment to myself while my sons are still asleep. I practice transcendental meditation where you’re given a mantra. Everyone has a different mantra, and you’re not supposed to tell anyone. It’s sacred and just for you.”

Does your mantra change?

“You can update it after a certain amount of years, but the one I have right now is working for me.”

What about yoga?

“I love yoga, but I haven’t had much time for it during the week [since Hart was born]. Evan and I do yoga together on weekend mornings.”

What’s your morning bathroom routine?

“I cleanse, mist, and moisture religiously. I always use my Kora rose quartz heart sculptor, which I keep in the fridge overnight. I find it’s really good for puffiness, and my face gets really puffy. I also use eye oil that has a rose quartz roller. As for makeup, I must have Kora luminizer and RMS ‘Un’ Cover-Up in shade 22. I put a drop of face oil in the little concealer pot, then apply it all over my face like foundation.”

What do you eat for breakfast?

“I always start my day with fresh, cold pressed celery juice. I make it at home. Then for food, have you heard of Surya Spa? It’s an Ayurvedic spa that makes this bread that’s vegan and gluten-free. I’ve been having that with ghee on top. Sometimes instead I’ll have cooked millet with a poached egg on top. And, this is very bizarre, but I often cook the millet in chicken bone broth.

Do you drink coffee?

“I like tea—all types of tea. I have a turmeric tea that they made for me at Orchard Street, this place in Australia that makes tonics. Sometimes I just drink hot water. It’s super hydrating, which is good because I’m breastfeeding. I feel like water hydrates me quicker when it’s hot.”

What do you do after breakfast?

“I drop Flynn off at school. Then I have meetings and conference calls for Kora. I’m lucky in that we’ve been able to work from my home since I gave birth—I often like to multitask and wear my favorite new mask while I’m on calls: KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask. It’s an at-home instant facial that I spent over a year developing with our lab.

Who watches Hart if you have to step away for a moment?

“Evan’s mum is here, and that’s such a help. And my mum came for about six weeks after he was born. My cousin is also here right now.”

What do you normally eat for lunch?

“I love salmon and usually have it a couple times a week. I’ll generally steam it with vegetables and quinoa, then add a homemade soup on the side. My favorite soup at the moment is zucchini/coconut. You literally steam zucchinis, add fresh coconut water and meat, then blend it and reheat everything on the stove.”

And in the afternoons?

“I pick Flynn up from school. Sometimes I do an activity with him or take him to a playdate. Then there are more work meetings and conference calls. To be honest, I do more work between 12 and 7 PM than I do in the morning. And, of course, I spend a lot of time with Hart. He is still young, so I breastfeed him about every two to three hours. Diaper changing, feeding, burping, and cuddling take up big chunks of my day right now.”

Sounds dreamy. Are you able to fit in any exercise?

“I have a couple different trainers that I do yoga and reformer pilates with. To be honest though, I’ve been taking it easy and just doing light yoga and a lot of walking since Hart was born. It’s important to be kind to yourself and body—to have time to rest and recover after birth. I usually take the little one for a walk in the pram in the afternoon, then swim with Flynn in the pool around 6 o’clock. After that, I take a bath. I’m ready to get back into the grind though and plan to kick up the exercise these next few weeks. Cardio on the bike and reformer pilates will be my go-to.”

Tell us what’s on the menu for dinner:

“It varies depending on if Evan is home for dinner or not. We rarely go out. I love to be home and cook. I am definitely a homebody! Evan’s favorite meal that I cook, and mine as well, is my Turmeric Slow Roasted Chicken. I actually made it for him on our wedding day.”

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

“I try to eat organic when possible and stay away from processed foods. But I also try not to be too strict and follow the 80/20 rule—meaning I eat healthy 80% of the time and am more lenient the other 20%. Life is for living; it’s ok to indulge once in a while. I find that the more you try to restrict yourself, the more you want it. Have a couple bites of the chocolate, just don’t eat the whole block at once!”

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Papaya with lemon.”

Do you get to relax at all in the evening?

“Once both kids are asleep, I like to do a meditation. I honestly rarely watch TV, but lately I’ve been enjoying West World with Evan. It’s literally the only TV show I’ve watched in a couple years! When it’s time for bed, I put my phone on airplane mode so I won’t be distracted by any alerts, emails, or texts. When you run a business, it’s sometimes hard to put down your phone. I find airplane mode really helps when I need to disconnect. I often also have a cup of chamomile tea before bed.”

How do you get your skin ready for sleep?

“I wash off all my makeup before bed, no matter what. I like to use the KORA Organics Cream Cleanser at night. It’s great for removing makeup. I double cleanse to ensure all is removed. Then I mist my face with our Calming Lavender Mist, as it’s very soothing and relaxing—I also mist my pillow with it. I follow with a combo of the KORA Organics Hydrating Moisturizer mixed with a few drops of the Noni Glow Face Oil. Last, but not least, Noni Radiant Eye Oil. I also like to lather my skin with the Noni Glow Body Oil, especially around my tummy or any areas where my skin stretched during pregnancy. It’s important to nourish and hydrate your skin after pregnancy, as well as while your skin is retracting back to normal.”

Are you a nightgown or t-shirt girl?

“Both! I like to mix it up.”

What time do you usually go to bed?

“9:30 or 10 but I wake up to feed the baby around twelve. Getting that hour in makes a big difference.”

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

“Talk to my husband.”

As a final question, what’s your favorite part of the day?

“When my boys give me hugs and kisses. It’s like my world stops and I just breathe in the love. It’s the best.”

Miranda’s photoshoot + interview for Stellar!

Check out Miranda‘s new photoshoot and interview for Stellar Magazine!

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As she prepares to welcome her second baby this month, Miranda Kerr opens the doors to her Malibu home for a photo shoot and interview with Stellar to talk about raising mindful children, why she doesn’t miss those heady years of modelling and how second husband Evan Spiegel has finally brought stability to her life. Earlier this morning we dropped by your son Flynn’s school on the way here, your house in Malibu, for your cover shoot and interview with Stellar.

What does an average day look like for Miranda Kerr?

An average day for me lately is waking up — Evan wakes up at 5.30am, and then I’ll meditate from 5.30 ’til 6, while he has his shower. And then I get Flynn ready for school, we have breakfast, I drop him to school and go to the office. I have meetings, phone calls… you know, I pretty much book myself for the whole time he’s at school. Then I’ll pick him up and we’ll go home, and then maybe he has a play date or he wants to do something fun together. We’ll have an early dinner — I love to eat early. And then get him all ready for bed; we read three books, do a meditation and put him to bed. He’s generally asleep by like 7 or so, and then Evan gets home and I’ll sit and have something to eat again with him [laughs]. Then it’ll be time for me to take a bath or get ready for bed and read a book or whatever, go to bed and do it all again the next day.

Having a supermodel as a fellow mum at the school gate would be pretty intimidating for a lot of women.

Well, I’m friends with lots of them [laughs]! That thought never even crossed my mind. I’m always like, “Hey, how you doin’?” We’re always in the same boat — like, “What’s going on with your child?”

You’re expecting a baby later this month — how are you finding pregnancy the second time around?

It’s interesting because I’m working just as much, but I’m working differently. Before, when I was pregnant with Flynn, I was doing a lot of photo shoots and travel — but obviously I didn’t have Flynn to look after. So I had more time to do, say, yoga. And I was telling Evan, “Aw man, I haven’t had time to do this pre-natal DVD” and then was like, “I wonder why?” And I thought about my day and was like, “Oh OK, that makes sense.” And then on the weekends we just really try to spend family time together.

Flynn turned seven in January. How is he feeling about having a younger sibling?

Oh, he’s so excited. He was asking us for years: “When are we going to have a little baby brother or sister?” and I said, “Honey, we’ve got to get married first.” And then after our wedding, the next day he comes into the room and he’s like: “Is there a baby in there, Mum?” [Laughs.] And I was like, “Honey, no not yet. We have to wait and see.” So I was really excited, when we were in the clear, to tell him.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether you’re having a boy or a girl, with many reports claiming you are expecting a daughter.

It’s funny, isn’t it?

Can you confirm or deny?

No. I mean, my husband’s a very private guy, so it’s best to keep it a surprise.

This will be Evan’s [husband Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snapchat] first child. How is he feeling about impending fatherhood?

He’s very excited. I mean, the way he is with Flynn is just incredible; they connect really well and love to do little science projects or art things together. And Evan’s very good at getting him involved in charity work; you can tell he has so much respect for Evan. That’s really comforting for me to see. I feel like Evan’s definitely ready. He was very clear about it — “OK, let’s make a baby!” [Laughs.]

You seem to handle co-parenting with Flynn’s dad [Kerr’s ex-husband, Orlando Bloom] in a mature and positive manner.

Always. We all have Christmas [and] Thanksgiving together. We celebrate everything together. And if Orlando’s not away, working or shooting a movie or whatnot, we spend a lot of time together. It’s important to be harmonious and peaceful. And we really are — we genuinely care about and want the best for each other.

It will be yours and Evan’s first wedding anniversary later this month. How is married life treating you?

It’s amazing. I feel like we get closer every day, our bonds develop and we really complement each other. Our strengths and weaknesses balance each other out, and I just feel like we learn a lot from each other. You know, we’re a really good team. We have each other’s back.

Obviously you are both very successful and your children are and will be the respective offspring of a famous model, a movie star, and a billionaire. So how do you keep them grounded?

Flynn, for example, knows that the most important thing is being kind, polite, thoughtful of others, appreciative and grateful for all the little things. It’s so good to hear feedback, from other parents and the school — it’s reassuring to hear: “Flynn has such good manners, he’s so polite, he’s so thoughtful of other children.” I feel proud of that because we’ve tried so hard to teach him by example. And you can only lead by example — try and be the best person you can be and then, hopefully, they’ll be the best version of themselves. And follow in their own little footsteps, but in a way that is kind and thoughtful, and appreciative and courteous of everyone around them.

How important is it for you that your children see their mother working throughout and beyond pregnancy, and maintaining her own identity?

It’s a fine balance. I want Flynn to understand that nothing comes for free — you have to earn it. My mum was working my whole childhood; she wasn’t fortunate enough that she could pick me up from school or even drop me to school. Usually she was at work earlier and then my dad would take me and my grandma would pick me up, or I’d walk. It made me have the strong work ethic that I have now — I really learnt that from my mum. I feel like Flynn understands. He has said to me, “Oh Mum, why do you have to work?” and I’ve said to him: “Honey, because it’s important. We need to put food on the table.”

Late last year you shared some marriage advice given to you by your grandmother, wherein you said: “So when [Evan] comes home, I make sure to have a nice dress on and the candles lit. We make time to have a nice dinner together.” Your comments prompted a huge reaction — much of it negative. Are you a “traditional” wife?

[All I was saying] was that it’s important that you make an effort for each other. My husband makes an effort for me and I make an effort for him. Relationships do require effort and it’s worth it when you put the effort in. That’s all.

When it comes to your career, it seems that increasingly more of your focus is on KORA Organics [the skincare company founded by Kerr that launched in 2009].

By the end of the year we will be in 25 different countries and 2500 actual stores, so I’m really excited that the products will be out there worldwide. It’s been a long journey and one I’ve been very thoughtful about. Because it’s daunting having your own company and investing all your own money! I missed out on so many friends’ weddings and special holidays… everyone would go on holidays and I’d be working, and I was doing that because in my mind I saw modelling as a short-lived job. I remember talking to Evan and he said, “Why are you running around working so hard for everyone else when you’ve got your own company and you’re not giving it the attention that it needs?” He’s got his own company and he’s at work at 6am or 6.30am so he’s really putting in the hours, and he works a lot of weekends as well. He explained to me how he started his own company and put everything that he had into it. And it is all about taking risks when you really believe in something. You do kind of have to take that leap and that is a little uncomfortable, but that’s when you grow. You can’t expect incredible things to happen unless you do take that leap — and push yourself.

Is it true you get alerts on your phone every time there is a sale for KORA?

Oh, I follow everything. So depending on whether I’m logged into the Australian or the American website, I get all the alerts and see where the orders are going and who’s ordered what. That’s fascinating for me to see: “Oh, there’s an order going off to Singapore!”

What would you say to someone reading this who is cynical about organic products and thinks it is a bunch of mumbo jumbo?

There are so many scientific results: for instance, the amount of nutrients that it’s scientifically proven are in an organic tomato versus a non-organic tomato. So you can’t really debate that so much, because when something is non-organic, the soil that it is grown on is generally much more depleted. It’s just about being aware — because when you’re aware you can make a conscious choice. I’m not saying people should be 100 per cent natural and organic. What I am saying is that if you’re educated, then you can make that choice to use products that are healthy. I try to be 80 per cent healthy and 20 per cent indulgent — I feel like that balance works for me.

Do you foresee a day in the not too distant future where you are not modelling at all anymore?

It’s funny, the modelling thing — it’s been 20 years now, and I never thought it would last this long. It’s something that is kind of easy for me to do, so if it works in with my schedule and my family and everything then I’m open to figuring it out. But I am focused first and foremost on my family, and then on KORA, and then after that on other opportunities. But growing KORA is my passion.

You turned 35 last month — how are you finding your 30s? I love it. When I was younger I felt like it was harder to say no to people, even to friends and family, because I wanted to keep everyone happy. But now I don’t find it hard to say no at all and that’s a really great thing. I feel like that’s a common thread with a lot of my friends my age who have gotten to this point, too.

One of the things that first made you a household name in Australia was when you became one of the Angels for Victoria’s Secret. Could you imagine doing something like that again?

Um… [laughs]. I mean it was so fun at that point in my life and I’m just so happy and grateful for that experience. And I’m so happy and grateful that I’m actually not doing that right now [laughs]! I still have friends from Victoria’s Secret that I talk to and hang out with, and we had some incredible memories together that I’ll never forget, and some of the most fun trips of my life. Now I couldn’t imagine travelling like that. Once I had Flynn, that all changed for me.

This year has been seen as a watershed year for women in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. What do you make of it?

Serious issues are being raised and it has sparked discussion, which is a good thing. Everyone should feel safe and everyone should have equal opportunity regardless of their gender. As a society, we have to come together to support each other and lift each other up. I’ve always been for empowering women — and empowering the individual.

We have seen a lot of women in the entertainment and also the fashion industry speak up and share their #MeToo stories for the first time. Have you had any experiences of your own you wish to share?

[Pauses.] I’ve been pretty lucky, thank goodness. Miranda Kerr is our cover star.

Given you are very settled into life in LA, how often do you get to come home to see your family?

We are planning to come to Australia this year to see my grandparents. My parents come over a lot, so I’m lucky. I’m hoping my parents will spend even more time here. My brother [Matty] comes over a lot with his partner Jimmy and my cousins and my best friend since I was six, Lauren. She comes over a lot. So I have a lot of people coming to visit [laughs]. I travelled to Australia so much before I had Flynn but it’s a little trickier now. It’s hard for him to understand the jet lag and now with another little one, and Evan’s schedule and Orlando’s schedule, I have to make sure it works with everyone.

The last time you and I sat down for an interview was in New York in 2014. You were newly divorced at the time and there was a lot of speculation about your personal life. Four years on and it seems much has changed in your life since then — settled down and with another baby on the way…

You know, I’m such a homebody. I love to be at home and with my family, and I feel lucky that I met Evan because he has those same values. So that was such a blessing, to meet someone who is all about family and likes to go to bed early and wake up early and focus on work. This is probably the most routine I’ve ever had in my adult life and it feels really comforting. Evan’s a big routine guy — and he kind of taught me that, because for 20 years I didn’t really have a routine. I was modelling and every day was different. Now there is a definite feeling of safety and happiness, which I never really realised until now because I didn’t know any different.

Just finally, next Sunday is Mother’s Day. Any special plans this year?

Well, hopefully Flynn will maybe make me some toast [laughs]. He’s good at making toast… toast with Vegemite, that goes a long way with me!

Miranda for Marukome Koji Amazake!

Check out the new photos of Miranda’s campaign for Marukome Koji Amazake and her TV commercials, BTS and an interview down below..

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Miranda builds a beauty wellness empire by Fast Compagny!

As founder of KORA Organics, former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is proving her passion for natural ingredients to be popular–and lucrative.


“You don’t mean perfume,” Miranda Kerr gently corrects a colleague. “You mean aromatherapy.” Tucked inside in an unassuming condo building in Santa Monica, the supermodel-turned-cosmetics mogul leads a product meeting for her brand KORA Organics. It’s a modest, fuss-free building; There are no neon signs, peppy front desk personnel, or anything that would have you assume it houses an A-list star’s business. Inside, large quartz crystals and shaggy blankets pepper the simple white interiors that could as easily be a realtor’s office. A handful of people exchange memos and examine early beauty prototypes. This is a place where Kerr comes to get down to business. “I want to keep everything really clean,” Kerr instructs one of her employees during an intricate discussion on product lids. In a firm yet tolerant tone, she spends the next 10 minutes explaining why she specifically prefers one rose gold shade over another, citing the minimalist aesthetic she demands for her wellness line.

From there, she takes aim at a product still in development. She’s isn’t convinced it’s met the ideal texture and consistency. “I’d love to have it 10 times sandier,” she says, instructing the team to find a more granular option. Later, during a group brainstorm on potential new Kora creations, Kerr, pregnant with her second child, suggests something based on her own needs: How about a product that will help you sleep better? It’s quite apparent that Kerr is no mere figurehead. The entrepreneur is more than involved; she’s running this eco-conscious ship.


“She is the driving force behind all the product concepts,” says Brett Riddington, KORA Organics general manager, on a later call. “[She gives input] on the efficacy of the product, the design, the packaging, the bottles we choose, all of the aesthetic.” Other times, she shows a hint of the charming, playful personality that skyrocketed her to nearly 12 million Instagram followers. When told a product was still undergoing quality approvals, she pulls a lighthearted Veruca Salt: “I don’t want to wait,” she jokingly wails, “I’m impatient.” Although strikingly confident and passionate, Kerr still shows signs of vulnerability. During the meeting, she hands out homemade blueberry banana muffins while contemplating the next day’s Sephora appearance. Her team eagerly discusses her schedule and potential outfits, but a visibly nervous Kerr has other concerns. “What if people don’t show up?” she asks. To that end, she attempts to think up a solution: “Maybe I’ll bring them muffins,” she offers, before excitedly adding, “with supplements in them.”i-MK_wProduct_Sep17.thumb.jpg.13af73a149b5afae0f2100e795a15b2f.jpg


Since launching her skincare line in 2009, Kerr took big strides to establish herself as a competitive player within an overcrowded industry. Many models have attempted a beauty line, but few attained the success Kora Organics so quickly amassed, with over 200 retailers. It’s a far cry from where many of her peers end up: a flash-in-the-pan QVC segment. Kerr obviously has a leg up on most competitors due to her celebrity status, which has been unstoppable. She’s modeled for high-end design houses (Prada) and accessible (H&M) brands, and famously became the first Australian model to sport wings for Victoria’s Secret. Her private life has also made news: She has a son with her ex-, actor Orlando Bloom, and last May married Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. But as she builds her brand, she’s no longer known just for her looks and high-profile relationships. She skillfully utilized social media to push her reputation as a health and wellness expert. Her Instagram quickly became a vehicle to showcase her passion for yoga, juice-blending skills, and envy-inducing meditation backdrops. She was also just quirky enough to catch your attention without completely alienating you: When she forced Bloom to pee in a cup lest he miss a moment of her 27-hour delivery labor, women silently cheered. When she told Gwyneth Paltrow at the Goop Summit that she toyed with leech therapy, the snippet overwhelmed the next day’s coverage headlines. Last year, she admitted waiting until after the marriage to consummate her relationship with Spiegel.

With Kora Organics, Kerr managed to inject her personality and quirkiness into a rapidly growing sector. She seized on the health trend and was one of the first to market wellness beauty: how mind, body, and skin are connected. Most of the line features the key ingredient noni, a fruit reportedly known for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Kerr cherished the tropical species since her Australian childhood. (Her grandmother taught her to use it to treat sunburns, pimples, and later in life, jet lag.) It’s now found in a calming face oil ($68), refreshing facial mist ($34), and hydrating face mask ($34). It’s more than just skin deep, says Kerr; these products are meant to calm and relax the mind. They are meant to be part of a daily “ritual.” KORA Organics—which Kerr funds herself with no outside investment—stemmed from her own needs. While modeling, she wanted certified organic and non-toxic beauty products that not only smelled and felt good, but spoke to her wellness philosophy. “I had this moment where I realized I should maybe just create something myself,” says Kerr. “I wanted to invest my money into something that I was passionate about and dedicated to.” The founder is adamant about what she slathers on her body. “What you put on your skin actually goes in your bloodstream,” she stresses, attesting to recent concerns in the industry.

Kora Organics is one of many brands in the booming organic and natural beauty market, whose value is expected to reach $13.2 billion this year. In fact, lines with a natural and/or botanically derived clinical orientation now represent the largest combined share of prestige skincare sales, reports the NPD Group. The research firm Kline & Company predicts the synthetic cosmetics sector will decline in the next two years, while the natural skin care segment will grow. “[Consumers] are becoming more educated and interested in making healthier decisions for themselves and their families,” says Kerr, expressing her frustration at some of her competitors. “Some products can claim to be organic when they have only one organic ingredient.” Kerr spent the first year trying to learn as much as possible about the research and development process, booking interviews with labs and organic chemists. Working with noni proved difficult: it possesses a pungent smell. That, and the fact that no one had a certified organic noni ingredient. The budding entrepreneur ultimately worked with an Australian lab to source her own ingredients, which she demanded be certified through COSMOS, an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics. “I just remember carrying these little samples with me everywhere, and getting my friend to try them, and testing them on myself and my family,” Kerr recalls.


She began with a few products, with availability mostly restricted to her native Australia. At the time, she was still working tirelessly for numerous fashion campaigns. Kerr, who has modeled since age 13, admits she wanted to devote more time to Kora Organics (“her baby,” as she calls it), but was scared. “Modeling was always my safety net,” she says. “It was a big leap for me.” That changed, however, when she met future husband Evan Spiegel, who pushed her to further commit to her own business. “He said, ‘Why are you running around doing all of this other work for clients when you could be focusing on your company?’” recounts Kerr. ‘”You really need to focus on this because when you focus on it, it’s going to grow.’” With Spiegel’s emotional support, Kerr pulled in the reins on her modeling career and set her sights on launching Kora Organics in the U.S. Not that Kerr doesn’t still wrestle with the temptations of her previous employment. Every so often, her agent calls with a lucrative opportunity. “It’s hard,” she says. “My manager is like, ‘Miranda, you’re crazy. Why would you turn that job down?’ And I respond, ‘Well, because I’m focusing on building my skincare brand and on being a mother.’”


Kora Organics’ appeal lies in its ability to tout several unique and popular ingredients (coconut oil, green tea, rose quartz crystal, among them) while simultaneously incorporating wellness trends. Since dedicating herself full time to her business, Kerr released a number of new products that doubled down on this concept. This includes luminizers with rose quartz particles ($28), noni-infused skin health supplements ($10 for a pack of 5), and a body oil that comes in a mess-free stick format ($34). Cashing in on the crystal craze, all products are filtered through an actual quartz crystal during the manufacturing process. (“It’s intricate, expensive, and complicated,” laughs Riddington.) Some believe quartz contains healing and soothing properties, although that’s yet to be proven in scientific studies. “I did that just to add a personal little touch because I have used crystals for the longest time,” Kerr explains. “It was a way for me to personalize the products. [But] the most important thing is that the products are super effective and deliver results—regardless of the crystals.”

At the same time, she says, “It’s about the energy behind it, and my intention is to uplift people, and crystals have been used since the beginning of mankind . . . It doesn’t mean that it has to be for everyone, but I believe they’re helpful.” This is where Kerr proves herself to be a formidable businesswoman who can speak logically about her products without turning off her crystal-loving base. She’s isn’t saying her line totally buys into the woo woo fad, but she isn’t denying it either. With such sly wording, she can appeal to various sectors of consumers. Basically, if Gwyneth is too adamant about the validity of her questionable practices, Miranda might seem like the more approachable version. “It’s great to have those little reminders to take care of ourselves,” says Kerr of her product line, “and have that little bit of magic in our lives. Why wouldn’t I put that little extra touch in there?”


Kerr’s commitment to her business paid off: The Kora Organics website sold five times as much product to international markets in 2017 than the previous year. Meanwhile, in the U.S., e-commerce combined with retailer distribution channels (such as luxury e-retailer saw sales increase more than 700%. In May, the brand went mainstream—making its way onto Sephora shelves and quickly becoming an organic best-seller. This past fall, the retailer added Kora Organics supplements, signifying further interest in wellness categories. “The Kora Organics holistic approach to beauty and wellness is one of the reasons why we brought the brand to Sephora,” said Priya Venkatesh, vice president of merchandising for Sephora, in an email. “Similar to Sephora, KORA Organics knows that confidence and wellness is a critical component of celebrating beauty. Miranda is a wonderful partner, she uses her vast expertise and knowledge as an accredited health coach to create certified organic products that offer our clients good-for-you ingredients that deliver results.” In the coming year, the brand will expand to more retailer partners as well as launch in Europe, Canada, Russia, and Asia. “We’ve only just begun in terms of where the product is sold,” says Riddington.

Kerr also plans on extending into more beauty categories, and even releasing an innovative new product that the market has never seen before. I cannot give any details, but upon viewing it, I can attest to its ability to hone in on several wellness trends at once. “Miranda would love Kora Organics to be the name whenever you think of natural and organic skincare,” says Riddington, “but also innovation in product.” Kerr might also consider using to broaden her views about the more holistic side of the brand and report on healthy lifestyles. It would undoubtedly be a natural extension of what Kerr already does daily for her social media followers. In fact, while speaking with fans at her Sephora appearance, it seemed that was almost her chief appeal. “She really walks the walk,” said one fan of the model’s healthy lifestyle. Another, who aspires to be a professional beauty blogger, said she admired the “approachable” non-snobby way she shared her wellness rituals, but also, “her skin is aaah-mazing.” In the line of dozens waiting for their photo app with Kerr, many seemed to buy into the whole ethos Kerr is so good at selling. They’ve been watching her for years. As for Kerr, she seems to have no reason but to be confident about the future. Greeting each fan with a hug, she laughingly remarks, “I don’t have to make muffins after all.”


Miranda’s full interview with Jimmy Kimmel!

Miranda’s interview & photoshoot for Byrdie!

A new photoshoot for Miranda from Byrdie + an interview!

Gallery Links : Photoshoots > 2018 > Byrdie

Let me tell you something about my interview with Miranda Kerr. It was a Friday morning, and I was more than prepared: I had a list of burning questions, my recording device was at full charge, and I was eagerly sipping on her Noni Glow supplement in anticipation for our 10 a.m. phone call, because hey, this is Miranda we’re talking about. As the scheduled time neared, I headed to the sound-proof studio I’d organised, only to find another journalist already in there undertaking a phone interview of their own. Cue waves of panic that resulted in barricading myself, iPhone in hand, in the office utility closet. Yep, I interviewed one of the world’s most beautiful women while face-to-face with bottles of Windex and spare rolls of toilet paper. True story.

Naturally, Miranda called from Los Angeles where she was powering through work calls by a fireplace. The model-turned-businesswoman was open and endearing as she took me through everything from her life with husband Evan, to building a holistic beauty empire via her brand, Kora Organics, and even her so-healthy-it-hurts refrigerator staples (don’t pretend you’re not curious). After our chat, I can honestly confirm that she really is as kind as they come. Literally days after the interview, Miranda broke the news that she was expecting baby number two with Evan. You might have seen her and her bump looking positively radiant at the Golden Globes party yesterday? Yep, there really is something enchanting about Miranda, so keep reading for a taste of the magic.  

Byrdie Australia: What’s your first beauty-related memory?

Miranda Kerr: It would be with my grandmother. She had all this makeup, and my cousins and I would go through her drawers and use it all. I remember she wore this blue eyeliner, and I was fascinated by the way it made her blue eyes look so piercing. I loved playing with her eyebrow pencils, and dressing up in all her clothes, too. It was always so much fun.

B: How would you describe your approach to beauty?

MK: I try to keep it simple and uncomplicated. I really feel that healthy skin is the most beautiful skin, so that’s what I focus on. I work on keeping my skin healthy, making sure I’m getting the nutrients on the outside and the inside. If I do this, my skin is glowing, and at its healthiest.

B: You’re known for your long-standing love of natural products, but would you say your approach to the way you look at beauty has evolved overtime?

MK: No. I’d say it’s basically been the same almost my whole life. I’ve always been about a simple routine, and healthy skin. My mum has never really worn makeup-she still doesn’t actually—it was just always about the health of her skin, instead. I inherited her beliefs, for sure.

B: Do you have any embarrassing beauty moments at all?

MK: Yes! When I was about 12, my mum went to get a perm and I went with her. When we were in the salon, they offered me one as well—big mistake. It didn’t work very well, it was like one of those tight perms. And I had bangs. It was bad. I remember thinking, “why can’t it look like the beautiful loose waves in the photo”.

B: Have you had one since?

MK: Actually, for the second time about a year ago, I got the American Wave perm and it really helped. My hair was dead straight, so the perm was amazing because I could just wash my hair and let it dry. It gave it a beautiful natural wave. I love them.

B: Did you try that when your hair was short?

MK: Yeah, not long after I cut it all off. I’ll warn you though, they take a really long time—I had someone come to the house.

B: What beauty items do you always have with you in your handbag?

MK: I always have a hairbrush, a little mirror, and I’m obsessed with the Kora Organics Hand Cream ($40). I don’t go anywhere without RMS Un Cover-Up Concealer ($52) in 22, or my eyelash curler. I also love carrying the Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer ($35), it just melts into my skin. Have you tried it yet?

B: Yes, it’s beautiful! Is it one of your favourite new products in the Kora range?

MK: Yeah, I’m really proud of our Luminizer, it’s pretty special. It actually contains rose quartz powder, so it has this beautiful energy and gives off vibrations of love.

B: What other makeup products do you love?

MK: I switch between the RMS and Charlotte Tilbury mascara. For every day, I use RMS, but if I have an event or something, I’ll use the Charlotte Tilbury. I love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. For foundation, I love a Japanese brand called Suqqu. It’s lightweight, but has an amazing full coverage without being heavy.

B: What are some of the staples that you always have in your fridge?

MK: I have so much in my fridge. I always have organic goat’s milk—I prefer to drink goat’s milk, it’s easier on the stomach. I have organic apple juice for Flynny, and there’s always lots of berries like blueberries and raspberries. I love papaya’s, and lots of vegetables like carrots, celery, and hummus. I also keep the Kora Organics Citrus Mist ($40) and Recovery Eye Gel Cream ($55), that way it’s cooling when I use them—especially for you right now during summer.

B: You have such a holistic, clean lifestyle. Are there any things you love to indulge in?

MK: Life is all about balance. I love to treat myself to good food, I love dark chocolate. I also love to enjoy a drink with friends. I’m actually obsessed with what I like to call a Noni Spritz—I add a sachet of my Noni Glow Skin Food Supplement ($70) to a glass of champagne (pre-pregnancy, of course). It’s sweet, and makes it feel a little less naughty.

B: What does your morning routine look like?

MK: Evan wakes up at 5:30am, so I give him a hug and a kiss and then he hops into the shower and gets ready for work. I’ll do my morning meditation for 20 minutes, so by the time that’s done, Flynny will have come in and said good morning. I’ll get him ready for school and get dressed at the same time (Mum life). I dry body brush, and have a cold shower to really wake me up. I always make sure every morning I cleanse, mist, and moisturise. I like to use the Kora Organics Foaming Cleanser ($40) first thing because it’s super invigorating and fresh. Next, I’ll use the Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist ($40) (I alternate between the Rose Mist and the Citrus Mist during the day depending how I’m feeling, because the citrus is energising, but the rose is very soothing).

Next, I’ll put on some of the Kora Organics Hydrating Moisturiser ($60), and a few drops of the Noni Glow Face Oil ($80), before sunscreen and then my makeup. I use the RMS Lip2Cheek ($52) almost every day, as well as the Kora Luminizer ($35), and that’s it really. I won’t bother with mascara unless I have a meeting or something. Flynn and I will have breakfast together, and after the school run, I’m straight into work.

B: Do you ever feel stressed in the mornings?

MK: Sometimes, but it helps if I pick my outfit the night before, and I’ll get Flynn to do the same so it’s as seamless as possible.

B: What about the evening? What does a night in the Kerr-Speigel household look like?

MK: We love to always have dinner together as a family. When I have time, I love to take a bath. One of my favourite things to add is baking soda with sea salt and a couple of drops of lavender oil, it’s bliss. I have to get Flynn bathed and ready for bed though, so the bath for myself is very much a time-permitting type of activity. I’ll read to Flynn, and once he’s asleep, Evan and I will read together and catch up on each other’s day. We’re all in bed quite early, probably because we get up before the sun every day!

B: What books are you reading right now?

MK: There’s this book called Teaching Your Children Joy, by Richard Eyre. I’ve just started that, and am really enjoying it. I’m also reading This Side of Paradise,by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I would definitely recommend it. More on

Miranda’s Wellness Routine For The Holidays for Royal Albert!

Miranda’s interview for Nourished Life!

Miranda’s Interview for Daily Telegraph!

New pic from a photoshoot and an interview for Daily Telegraph!

Gallery Links : Photoshoots > 2017 > Daily Telegraph


She has one of the most beautiful, recognisable and marketable faces in the world but right now, over the phone from her home in Los Angeles, Miranda Kerr says it is “shrivelled up” in pure horror. Apparently my new age man boast of moisturising with Nivea Man is too much for supermodel turned organic skincare tycoon to bear. She has only just finished explaining how “the rose quartz infuses the vibration of self-love” into her new skincare range when I make my startling admission.

“My face is all shrivelled up! Oh, no, don’t be using that, read the ingredients and you will know why,” she tells BW Magazine. The 34-year-old Australian-born supermodel is relaunching her KORA Organics skincare range globally — with new luxury packaging she designed herself and a host of new products. Until this year KORA Organics was only sold in Australia, with sales overseas via an online store only. But a global push to expand the brand has led overseas sales to grow fourfold on last year alone. It is now sold in more than 300 Sephora stores across the US and there are plans to enter some of the world’s biggest markets, including Asia, Europe, the UK, Canada and Scandinavia.

 Kerr has pumped her life savings from 20 years of modelling — from winning the Dolly Magazine model competition in 1997 to her five years as Victoria’s Secret angel — into sending the product to the world. “I am not going to tell you the exact amount but its millions and millions of dollars,” she says. “This really is my baby. I have spent almost all the money I have earnt through modelling investing into this company.”

Kerr’s determination is well documented. In her latest book Empower Yourself, she writes: “The truth of the matter is I wasn’t born a strong and confident woman, I became one through my own efforts to cultivate these attributes daily.” She does have the support of her new husband, billionaire Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, who told her: “Miranda this is your passion clearly this is where your heart is so why don’t you focus your energy into doing this and expanding the business worldwide.”

Kerr says: “He really encouraged me to focus on that. It’s been quite a risk to actually take that and decide to slow down on the modelling and really focus on continuing to build this brand and expand it internationally but it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.” Of course Spiegel would back it because it has cleared up his dry skin a treat. “Evan used to have really dry skin on his face and he doesn’t any more,” Kerr explains. “These products are really good for men. Evan uses the Noni Glow face oil (which just won a major US beauty product award) every day. Actually so does Orlando,” she says before bursting into a hearty chuckle.

Orlando is Kerr’s swashbuckling film star first husband Orlando Bloom, father of her six-year-old son Flynn. Bloom has a house near Kerr’s in Los Angeles and shares the parenting. “We try to make it work for him to see (Flynn). It was supposed to be four days-three days but right now he is on a movie, so Flynn is with me and I love that.” The relationship with Bloom works better now than ever. “It’s much more harmonious this way and that’s really important,” Kerr says. “I love being a mum, it’s like a miracle and puts everything into perspective. And I love spending time with Flynny but it’s obviously important that he does spend time with his dad and Orlando is a great dad and we are very good friends.

“We will always be family. He and I get along better now than we ever have.” Kerr’s parents and 30 of her and Spiegel’s closest friends flew to LA for their wedding in the back garden of their luxury home in July. There was much anticipation about the big day after Kerr gave an interview that implied she and Spiegel were saving themselves for the honeymoon night. “I read it and I was like ‘Whaaaat?’ ” she says. “It was taken out of context, I never said that we weren’t intimate.”

It was misconstrued, she insists, because she said they were not going to have children until after they married “because Evan is a traditional guy”. She does not pay any attention to the gossip that surrounds her, saying, philosophically: “It goes with the territory.” One aspect of the model’s life to get a public airing recently was her diet secret. Kerr’s former chef Kate McAloon told how the star’s diet involved a flexible routine of eating clean most of the time with a few indulgences thrown in, to spruik her own cooking tour.

Kerr says she allows a few treats in her diet. “We live in a world that is so full of toxins but we can make a conscious choice of what we put in. I am not super strict about anything. Eighty per cent of what I eat is healthy and organic and 20 per cent is indulgence.” Revelations that she works on an 80/20 diet of moderation have not troubled Kerr at all. “People are always going to say something and talk about what they are going to talk about. It’s very important to not really pay too much attention to it,” she says. And if you really want to know her true eating weakness — it is a cheeseburger. “Evan makes a great cheeseburger,” she says. “He is really good on the grill. I mean, obviously, we use free range meat, but he makes it and I eat it every time it’s so good.”

At this point our phone call is interrupted by a kerfuffle in the background before Kerr breathlessly explains that one of her dogs, Teddy, has burst into the house. “I was a bit worried my dog was about to go to the bathroom inside. “We just got a new little puppy — it’s a Pomeranian — and the other puppy can smell the new one and I don’t want them to try and outdo each other with the scent.” Then she picks up the interview again. “You were saying before Teddy interrupted …” Her point, at the end of it all, is simple. “It’s really important to be grounded and keep things real and be appreciative of every day and to be grateful for the small things. “You just never know what is going to happen in life.”

Miranda’s new photoshoot for Into The Gloss + the interview!

A new photoshoot for Miranda from Into The Gloss + an interview!

Gallery Links : Photoshoots > 2017 > Into The Gloss

« In beauty, I know what works for me. I have a Taurus in Mercury, so the way I think is like a Taurus, but I’m an Aries with a Cancer moon…and a Leo rising. So I’m really detail-oriented and very particular about what I use and how I use it. That’s actually a big part of why I created my own line. My skin needs to be great all the time—I can’t have an off-day—so I wanted organic products that could detoxify the skin but also put back all the nutrients from superfoods like noni. It’s an ingredient that’s been used for thousands of years in Polynesia—they grow it in Australia as well. It’s got over a hundred vitamins and minerals in it, so when you put it on your skin and in your body, it’s something you notice. It’s an ingredient in our Noni Glow Oil, along with rosehip and sea buckthorn, and I love to use it as a great base for makeup. I’ll mix it with the Kora Tinted Day Cream and my favorite concealer, « Un » Cover-Up from RMS.

Makeup for me is for work or for date night. Usually I won’t even wear mascara if I’m just at home. Sometimes I’ll put on the RMS Lip2Cheek in Beloved, which is good for daytime wear. But to be a bit more glam, I like Charlotte Tilbury’s line. It’s not organic, but life is about balance, right? I’m all about 80% healthy and 20% indulgence. She makes a good red-orange called Tell Laura. It’s matte, which photographs really well. But I actually prefer to wear a velvet finish—I think it looks better in real life. Lancôme L’Absolu Velours is a nice one that has a matte finish…but not too matte. Today, though, I’m just wearing Dior Lip Glow with a little bit of Laura Mercier’s Lip Pencil in Baby Lips for a natural, glossier look.

Eyeshadow is not my strength, but I’ll take the blush I’m using—La Prairie Cellular Cream Blush—and dab a little of it on my eyes as well. One of my favorite things to do is a simple cat eye. It’s not too fancy. And my eyebrows are a little unruly, so they need a lot of taming. Instead of a gel, I’ll use Glossier Boy Brow in Brown.

Oh God, my hair is always an issue for me. It’s been short for a while–short hair is harder to style, but you know what I did? I got a perm called the American Wave Perm. I heard it was the healthiest type of perm, so I did that. It was really great for during the summer because I didn’t have to do anything to my hair. I just would get in the water and get out and it would have this nice wave to it. My natural hair is dead straight, and I’ve always admired people who have naturally curly hair. So, that was an interesting experiene. I only did it one other time in my life, when I was little. The only other thing I do to my hair is use Klorane Dry Shampoo. Nothing else.

For something like the Met Gala, I like to have a good hour and a half to get ready. And I’m all about lighting. I like to dim the lights, light candles, and put on a good playlist. I love dancing, and I love karaoke. My go-to song is Peggy Lee’s “Give Me Fever” or anything from Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks. I’m a country girl!

New York is the best city to go out in, but I live in LA now. The best party here is Madonna’s—she throws it once a year. For red carpet, I prefer something long, elegant, classic—something I could wear 20 years on. But for Madonna, I always wear a short, trendy cocktail dress, something fun to dance in, because the music’s always amazing. She always comes out and does a little number, but the music is what really makes it. Everyone’s really dressed up and no one’s allowed to take pictures, so it’s really private. You feel safe, and just have a good time.

Then when I get back home, I hit the sack. I always make sure I have a shower and wash my face. Makeup comes off no matter what time it is. I have never once forgotten my whole life to take makeup off my face before bed. And I’m obsessed with layering on the Noni Glow Balm on dry areas as a treatment. But that’s it. Pretty crazy, huh? »

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